Studio Hashimura is engaged in the design of all kinds of spaces and objects, with a focus on architecture. Our work is to capture the flowing present and to create entities that enrich our lives by giving them form, structure, and materials.

We have worked on a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, office, and art-related projects, and we have worked equally on new construction and renovation, and permanent and temporary installations. Throughout those works, we have tried to free ourselves from our own style, returning to basic principles and finding the unique reasonability of each project. We do not have any preference for qualities such as fine or rough, ordinary or extraordinary, expensive or inexpensive. Regardless of its quality, we consider it good as long as it serves its purpose.



多摩美術大学、University of East London Dip.Archにて建築の学位を得た後、ロンドンのTony Fretton Architects、Carmody Groarkeでの実務を経て2012年に帰国。2013年から2018年まで新素材研究所にて国内外のプロジェクトに携わる。2015年にSawada Hashimuraの共同設立を経て、2023年にStudio Hashimuraに改組し主宰を務める。
Yuichi Hashimura
Graduated from Tama Art University and received a University of East London Dip.Arch. He has been directing Studio Hashimura since 2023, formerly known as Sawada Hashimura which was co-founded in 2015. Before establishing his own firm, he gained design experience at Tony Fretton Architects, Carmody Groarke and the New Material Research Laboratory, the architectural firm founded by Hiroshi Sugimoto.
Currently he is a guest lecturer at Hosei University.


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