Field of Water Pan

for Play Earth Park
Tokyo, Toyama / 2022

For the event organized by Goldwin, five architects were commissioned to design play equipment on the theme of the five elements: fire, air, wind, earth, and water. We were put in charge of the water.

In order to play with water, which is still when left alone, we designed percussion instruments that shake the water. We designed them based on two types of percussion instruments, the hand pan and the slit drum, and scattered them around the field. Each of them have different scales and sizes, as if they are organic objects. Children run around among them, hitting the sparkling water and stainless steel, and getting soaked by the splashes.


Category play equipment
Tokyo Midtown Roppongi, 23 Apr - 29 May, 2022
Kansui Park, Toyama, 23 Jul - 14 Aug, 2022
Client Goldwin Inc.
Manufacture Ochiai Seisakusyo
Handpan supervision / tuning Ryo Sonobe
Slit drum supervision / tuning Ganko
Scale design Koshiro Hino
Photography Yuichi Hashimura