Every man is a liar.
Tokyo / 2021

CAGE Gallery is an art gallery with only a pair of display cases facing the street. They are about 1.7 meters on each side and only 24 centimeters deep.

We decided to develop the work to be exhibited at this space from the following two points of view: First, to deal with the space inside the show window itself, even if it is extremely shallow. Second, the fact that the spaces are paired.

The motif, a gently curved surface, was formed by adjusting and fitting two 3' x 6' standard-size boards to a size that curved by the depth of the display case. The space between the display case itself and the inserted curved surface was then photographed and printed on the curved surface that fits into the other display case. In this way, the ambivalence of the three-dimensional and the two-dimensional objects created a relationship of cross-referencing, with the space of each being mapped onto the other.
Since the condition of the two spaces being each other's subjects and each other's printing media could not be established chronologically, the photo shoot was taken at a different place with a full-size model. With such elaborate deception and ambivalence involving three-dimensional/flat, parergon/ergon, entity/imagination, etc., it shows an infinite state of cross-referencing.

CAGE Galleryは、街路に面した一対の展示ケースだけのアートギャラリーである。サイズは一辺1.7メートル程度、奥行きはわずか24センチである。




Category art installation
Exhibition data 
Every man is a liar. 
10 Oct - 12 Dec, 2021 at CAGE Gallery, Tokyo
Photography Yuichi Hashimura, Cage Gallery